International Mother Language Day, 18 February 2019

On 18 February 2019, the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO and the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Center jointly celebrated the International Mother Language Day at the National Museum of Iran.
The meeting that held three days in advance of 21 February, the day proclaimed as the International National Mother Language Day by the United Nations, hosted academicians and specialists in languages. The national anthem and verses of the Holy Qura’n initiated the meeting. Eight speakers in total briefed the audiences on the importance of safeguarding endangered languages of the world, with special emphasis on endangered languages in Iran.
Among the speakers was the Officer-in-Charge of the UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office. She emphasised the power of mother language in sharing and exchanging information on traditions and heritage among nations, saying that “the language, history and culture of nations are intertwined in an inseparable manner”. To conclude, she reiterated the need to safeguard the diversity of languages as a means of protecting national integrity.
The Iranian National Commission for UNESCO was represented by the Head of the Education Department. She focused on the role of UNESCO in safeguarding the diversity of languages and briefed the audiences on the history of the mother language day.
Other speakers included the Acting Chair of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Center, and several academics. A video message by Professor Don Stilo by the title of “Some Archaic Morphological Features in Modern Northwest Iranian Languages” added to the value of the event.
The last speaker introduced the linguistic atlas of Iran and explained how the Atlas is prepared. A closing ceremony wrapped up the event.