Investing in educational films is valuable

Head of OERP said in ending ceremony of 46th Roshd International Educational Films Festival: These artists appreciate and love peace, freedom and happiness for the world and that's why they are here in this festival, for this is the message of Roshd Festival.

Filmmakers, teacher-students and educational staff should be more and more concerned in making educational and pedagogical films, for these films are not just entertainment, but purposeful products and permanent and valuable investments, added he.

Hojjat-ol Islam Mohammadian continued: Documentaries, Animations and Short Films were of higher quality and quantity compared to previous years and judges were astonished by the number of national filmmakers in these categories and the fact that it was hard to distinguish Iranian films from foreign products.

Declaring that all these films will be shown at schools and other educational facilities, he said: The smiles on student's lips and to see that learning is becoming yet easier, relieve festival's executives and staff from their fatigue and turns it into a sweet memory.