Iran attends 39th FAO conference in Rome

Mahmoud Hojjati, Iranian Minister of Agriculture, is scheduled to discuss cycles of rural poverty and global hunger, as well as the necessity of social support for rural areas at the 39th biannual conference of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome on Saturday.

During the conference which kicks off today, FAO’s new Director General will be appointed for the next four years. Furthermore, a special ceremony will be held to celebrate the achievements of a number of countries including Iran in reaching the Millennium Development Goal 1 (MDG1) target on reducing hunger.

Fourteen heads of state are expected to attend the week-long event, along with 197 members of the organization.

Hojjati who is in Italy since Thursday, also made a trip to Milan and visited Iran’s pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 which kicked off on May 1 and will run through October 31, 2015. 

He also met with his Italian counterpart at a meeting of agriculture ministers in Milan Expo 2015 on Friday and conferred on strategies for agricultural development.

The meeting of agriculture ministers took place in Milan for two days and was focused on three themes of ‘Agriculture, Food and Development,’ ‘Food and Culture,’ and ‘Agriculture and Food Security.’

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