Iran at China cultural expo

Islamic Republic of Iran is showcasing its cultural capabilities in two departments, namely international and ancient civilization.

Adel Khani, Iran's cultural attaché in Beijing, said Iran has put on display its main cultural and creative achievements in the past year.

The head of Iran's pavilion, Masoud Shamaeizadeh said that the main objective of holding such an exhibition is to focus on cultural activities.

Cultural and creative items, presented at the exposition by Iranian companies, include art and craft, handicrafts, and cultural products such as books and Iranian classic music, said Majid Shamaeizadeh, an Iranian participant.

The exposition will continue until October 28.

Exhibitions, trade promotion, forums and conferences, creative activities and sub-venue activities will also take place on the sideline of the event.

The event's 13th edition focuses on the construction of Beijing as the national cultural center and highlights the overall value of the cultural capital and also displays the charm of Chinese traditional culture and promoting the continuous upgrading of 'innovation and entrepreneurship'.


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