Iran to Hold Quranic Calligraphy Exhibition in Greece

According to the website of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Ali Mohammad Helmi, the Iranian cultural attaché in Greece, discussed the organization of the exhibition in a recent meeting with Mina Moraitou, curator of the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art in the capital city.

The Iranian official stressed the need for introducing the Islamic Iranian civilization to the people of Greece and appreciated the measures taken by Greek cultural figures to collect and preserve valuable Islamic works.

He said the center is ready to hold an exhibition of Islamic and Quranic calligraphy artworks at the museum.

The head of the museum welcomed the suggestion and elaborated on the history of the museum’s Islamic treasury and the methods and process of collecting the works.

Since a large number of visitors of the museum are students and teenagers, holding a joint exhibition of Islamic artworks will be an effective step toward getting the younger generation acquainted with Islamic arts, she said.

The Greek official gifted some of the religious books and brochures of the museum to the Iranian representative at the end of the meeting.