Iran ranked world's 7th in pharmaceutical industry: Deputy minister

Deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education for research and technology said Iran is ranked seventh in the world in the pharmaceutical industry.

Speaking at the 20th annual Research Congress of Iranian Medical Sciences Students in Kermanshah on Tuesday evening, Reza Malekzadeh added: "We rank first in Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences citations in the West Asian region."

"In 2018, we ranked 16th in the world in scientific output, and in the West Asia and North Africa region, we came in first," IRNA cited Malekzadeh as saying.

Malekzadeh went on to say that "Despite the low academic and research budget of universities,we are well-positioned in terms of scientific knowledge. We are working to further enhance the country's scientific output."

He noted: "There have been tremendous advances in the world of medicine and technology in the world that we must pay attention to and not overlook the fact."


Source: Iran Press

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