Iranian textbooks receive extraordinary welcome from students of “Jamea’at-ol Mostafa”

According to YJC, 18th session of “OERP and a day with open doors” was held at the presence of graduates of “Jamea’at-ol Mostafa” university, Mohyeddin Bahram Mohammadian, head of OERP and some of general managers and directors of OERP on Feb 27th in headquarter of this organization.

Remarking that the purpose of these sessions is acquaintance of scientific and educational communities with OERP’s activities, Dr. Mohammadian added: Some Asian and African students of “Jamea’at-ol Mostafa” university are present in this session and directors and graduates of OERP shared their educational and pedagogical experiences with them.

He continued: There are requests for Islamic Republic’s educational and cultural support and we always advise them to take children and young adults’ education seriously.

Mohammadian said: Graduates of “Jamea’at-ol Mostafa”also requested expansion of Farsi language and teaching it in their countries and we are ready for such cooperation. He also announced establishment of Farsi culture with three dialects of Afghani, Tajik and Iranian and said that this will make use of Farsi texts easier and better.

One of their demands is adaptation and using Iranian textbooks and we are ready to do this according to the regulations, added Mohammadian.

Head of OERP continued: It is suggested that “Educational Programming” be taught in “Jamea’at-ol Mostafa” focusing on producing and editing educational contents and OERP is absolutely capable and ready for such activity.