Iranian young scientist selected to receive Green Chemistry for Life research grant in 2015

The award was created by UNESCO, PhosAgro and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) to promote the sustainable use and design of chemicals and chemical processes.

Some 119 Applicants were evaluated by an international scientific jury composed of renowned scientists representing leading international, regional and national chemical institutions.

The grant program aims to mobilize young minds to contribute to sustainable development through innovative research projects in green chemistry that respect the 12 principles of green chemistry. These may reduce the production and use of hazardous substances and lead to energy savings and a better environment and health.

Green Chemistry for Life research grants are awarded to six innovative research projects every year.

The 2015 Green Chemistry for Life research grant was awarded to Dr. Mohammadi for his research project on enzymatic production of biodiesel from waste oil by using two lipases covalently immobilized on magnetic silica nanocomposite; the use of green isocyanide-based multicomponent reaction for enzyme immobilization.

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