Iran's library: Persian manuscript sources to be listed

Announcing this, NLAI head Ashraf Boroujerdi added that the entity has plenty of capabilities including specialized halls for Iranology and Islamic studies for holding cultural programs, IRNA wrote.

The organization created an impressive atmosphere for its faculty members to conduct research studies, she said, adding that signing agreements with other countries can promote joint research activities.

Boroujerdi outlined the activities of the library on Tuesday and said, “We have been working on developing relations with the Persian-speaking countries to the extent that the mandate permits.”

She said that there are several Persian language and literature seats in more than 40 percent of the world's universities which should be properly used as the basis to promote Persian language and culture.

There are currently 340 seats of the Persian Language in universities, academies, and learning centers worldwide.

The head of Iran's 'outstanding talents organization', Fatemeh Mohajerani also said that NLAI should cooperate more to hold Persian language and literature Olympiads.

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