Leading role of the Organization for Research and Educational Planning in the production of Transformation Document subsystems

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Organization for Research and Educational Planning, Dr Heydar Tourani spoke in a meeting with a number of foreign cultural delegates, referring to the document on the fundamental transformation and national curriculum as a roadmap for the development of textbooks. Research organization has been pioneer in subsystem of national curriculum, subsystem  of research and evaluation, subsystem of financial resources, subsystem of management and guidance, and the subsystem of space, equipment and technology, subsystem of teacher education and human resources, which all falls under the  Transformation Document.

He added that these documents were also translated into English and Arabic and were uploaded to OERP.IR by the research organization. The elaboration of the Transformation Document is based on a collection of theoretical studies that roughly 600 scholars have been contributing to that, which was published under the title "Theoretical Foundations of the Transformational Document" and translated into English.

Dr. Tourani stated: "These principles and the document of transformation as a foundation can be used on the basis of  cultural and geographical requirements   throughout the world for those who care about Islamic education as a roadmap.”