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Bryn Llewellyn, a former head from Yorkshire, will tell delegates that ‘physically active learning’ should be a core part of teaching and help cut obesity, as it was reported that one in five children is now obese on leaving primary school, telegraph.co.uk reported.

He will say: “Traditional learning approaches negatively impact on physical activity and health. Physically active learning combines movement and learning.”

He will tell delegates ‘physically active learning’ should be a core part of teaching.

One in five children is obese by the time they finish primary school. In some areas, more than 50 percent of children are overweight or obese upon leaving primary school.

Llewellyn said that as well as keeping children fit and healthy, incorporating movement into lessons can help them with retention of knowledge.

Llewellyn runs a program in which pupils play tag rugby-style games to help them understand maths and English. For example, children compete in teams to collect tags, and then work together to solve problems — such as times tables — using the tags.