Locally made messaging media to replace foreign ones

Minister of Education said that domestic messaging apps are growing rapidly, and in the field of education activities, we will quickly replace them with foreign ones.

Education Minister, Sayyed Mohammad Bathayi said in a meeting that in education we have had a good achievement in the past years, and the rate of education covered in the region is relatively unique.

He added that covering 98 percent of the elementary school, increasing the production of educational areas, despite the growth of the student population, the increase in educational coverage for girls, and the increase in the education of staff working in education, are something that we should be proud of.

He added: "We should not only enjoy the achievements, but we must regularly focus on the weaknesses and take steps to correct them."

Regarding the Fundamental Transformation Document, he said that despite its shortcomings, it is an important and comprehensive document, and quality in education has a lot of shortcomings and we have not been able to provide the satisfaction of the education system; while graduates from education could be cognitively and scientifically excellent, but they have not taken a good score on life and social skills.

Referring to the slogan of the year, the Minister of Education stated that education has a major responsibility to this national strategy. We do not have good conditions in terms of social problems, and most of these problems are designed and managed by the enemy.

Education should correct its path toward social and individual needs; financial issues will be harder if we do not correct the road ahead.

"The Islamic Association Union is a smooth pathway to developing students' skills and getting away from social harm," he said. So we should be looking for new methods for transferring values ​​to students.

"Regarding cyberspace, the locally made messaging apps are growing rapidly, and in the field of education, we will quickly replace them with external examples," he said.

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