The main task of the Ministry of Education is to teach the Holy Qur'an to all

The Department of the Qur’anic Activities: the Minister of Education emphasized that the responsibility for teaching of the Quran to all students is with the ministry.

He continued: “Responsibility of the Secretariat of the Quran General Education Commission is with the ministry of education under the supervision of the Quranic Culture Development Council.”

The Minister of Education stated that with the launch of some 750 Qur’anic schools all over the country, a part of specialized training is provided by specialist trainers to other students who are susceptible.

In response to another question from the IKNA correspondent on whether it is better not to leave training of the Qur’an to other specialized institutions? He said: " If there are official and licensed institutions and mosques and Quranic communities that can provide specialized Quran education, we will no longer have any activity in specialized training." Of course, we try to bring our energy and power to the level of general education of the Qur'an. On the other hand, in many parts of the country, we have students who like to learn Quranic science, but have no facilities to receive specialized training . Therefore, one of our goals in our Quranic schools is to provide good services to students who are interested in the Qur’anic activities."

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