The main task is to transform the educational system into a cultural-educational system

According to ISNA, Mehdi Navid Adham said that the Supreme Council of Education of Education Policy Making Center and the Fundamental Transformation Document are the mainstream of education policy. Referring to the law on the establishment of the Supreme Council of Education, he said: “the necessity of the Cultural Revolution in the Islamic Republic System, the mission of education for the development and self-sufficiency, the need for educational conditions for the development of science and technology, religious education based reforms and the necessity of the general participation of educators, trainers and scholars in education is one of the main reasons for the formation of this council. In the Supreme Council of Education, we are seeking Islamic education, and we are trying to act in this way with research basis.”

In another part of his speech, he stated in an explanation of the removal of extra-test exams from the elementary school and said: “This is a single article with five clauses, the spirit of which eliminates examination trials in the elementary school. Today, we are looking to implement the Fundamental Transformation Document of education, and in this Document, the main task is turning the educational system into a cultural-educational system, in which education is its main principle and finds its meaning in six areas; and therefore on the basis of the belief that the best education period is elementary period, there is the need to address all the obstacles in this way, in which national exam is one of the main ones which should be eliminated. He also added that the removal of trial exams in the elementary period has a scientific justification and research basis, because we are looking for integration methods rather than the method of separation of talents. Although this resolution has much opposition, however the majority of the scientific community, a large number of experts, teachers and the families are supporting it.

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