Martyr Ali Landi's courage story in textbooks, Roshd Festival, etc.

The head of the Ministry of Education ordered the deputy chiefs of staff to take four steps to record and preserve the courageous movement of "Martyr Ali Landi."
According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Organization of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, quoting the Information and Public Relations Center of the Ministry of Education, Alireza Kazemi, in line with the President's order, sent a message of condolence for this zealous student and said that this courageous act should be narrated historically in the language of art and the pen of the culture and media so that this young model can inspire future generations of the Islamic Iran. "Undoubtedly, every Iranian is proud to have such zealous children." He emphasized to the deputies of the staff areas and stressed that as a matter of urgency, a joint working group with the responsibility of the head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization should be formed and made up of all capacities including "textbooks", "Roshd scientific and educational journals", "Roshd International Film Festival" and "Festival And cultural and artistic competitions "to be used to perform artistic design and clever actions in order to fulfill the orders of Ayatollah Dr. Ra'isi and to perform the duty of education to this national hero and a worthy symbol of our generation, and to report the result.

according to this; "Inserting the name and narration of the martyrdom of Martyr Ali Landi in the textbook", "Registration of school names in each province, as "Shahid Ali Landi", "Special Award for Shahid Ali Landi Student, in the Presidential Question Festival", and "Compilation of the biography of Shahid Ali Landi" by the Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents in collaboration with the General Directorate of Education in Khuzestan province are the four issues that the head of the Ministry of Education has emphasized.

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