the martyr defender of the Syrian sanctuary Mohsen Hojaji,

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahime


Those who have believed, who have emigrated and who have struggled by their goods and persons in the path of Allah, have the highest ranks with Allah... and they are the victors.


This morning I read the Nudba with the memory of the martyrs, but at all times there was a luminous image of the martyr, the protector of the Syrian sanctuary, Mohsen Hojajy, and with my tears I saw it before my eyes like a wave and I thought of these two pieces of the poem of Aminepour:


We are a wave and our satisfaction is a cut

The beach is an excuse to go, because to go is to arrive

As long as we have fire in our heads, we are butterflies

We are a candle and our tear falls inside us


Martyr Mohsen and Mohsens who are martyrs, are not only a proof, but divine proofs to find accountability to God for us all.

I saw the dignity of a Muslim who was in love with Hossein in his determined and resolute face when I saw that the executioner of an ISIL agent standing behind him and that he was definitely challenging death:


Death if it is true, tell it to come to me

So that I take her close in my arms

From her I will gain an immortal life

From me she will win a multicolored garment


He was a Shiite who wanted to chase death by singing the long poem of freedom and martyrdom among the hordes of enemies with his gaze so that everyone knows that the flag of faith, Islam and Iran will remain up.

He showed the dignity, pride and prestige of a nation in the framework of an image and an image so that the youth of this country does not pay attention to the image of immolation and depreciation.


O haughty martyr, you had implored a special prayer of your companions, but with eyes full of tears, we implore you to pray for us when you see Hussein ibn Ali (peace be upon him), for a life full of happiness that would end in martyrdom.

God bless all the martyrs in heavens

Mohyeddine Mohammadiane