message for the anniversary of the legend of 9th of Day

Head of Organization for Educational Research and Programming's message for the anniversary of the legend of 9th of Day (Dec 30 2009)

According to the Public Relations of OERP, Hojjat-ol Islam Dr. Mohammadian sent a message for the anniversary of the legend of 9th of Day. The message says:



Iran's glory is the result of wisdom, insight, resolution and commitment to the ideals of the Islamic Revolution. Today, friend and foe admit it and Islamic Iran is appraised by the world because of these virtues.

During the last four decades, Islamic Revolution has gone through up & downs but people's unity along with wise leadership have turned bitterness into patience resolution and sweetness and sweet moments into permanent examples in the history.

The bitter incident of 1388 (2009), which is interpreted as "Sedition", in our political literature, did great damages to the country and people, which could drive the country to devastation if it was not for wise leadership and people's vigilance.

Of course, uprising of 9th of Day, blew away dreams of the leaders of the sedition and instead, rose flags of people's unity all over the country.

There are points about this historic event which should remembered and used:

1- Enemy never gives up hope to convert individuals, even those in higher ranks of revolution and is seeking opportunities to steal away sanity of those he find ambitious or deviation in their calculations.

2- Presence of people, their devotion to Islam, their love for Iran and its greatness and their obedience from Supreme Leader directives annoys enemies specially World Arrogance system and its regional servants. This asset must be preserved at all costs and we should confirm and stabilise Islamic, Iranian and revolutionary identity of people specially young generation.

3- Maybe guilty ones could be forgiven if they are truly repent, but the negative consequences and damages should never be erased from historical memory of Iranians. Remembering the legend of 9th of Day is actually thanking God for blessing us with gifts like, Islam, Supreme Leader and vigilant people and also, remembering execution of enemy's plots by their domestic devotees and ignorant followers. By reminding this incident, we appraise people's vigilance, national pride and Islamic integrity, again and again.


We wish for the time when actions of Iranian people would be an example for other moslem nations for opposing international powers to liberate them from their reign. God does whatever he wills to.

Moheyeddin Bahram Mohammadian

Dec 29 2016

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