The message of Dr. Mohammadiane on the eve of the return of the body of martyr Hodjadjie

 In the name of god the merciful

The return of the bloody star of the martyr sky during the Ashura is a sign of the link between the martyrs of the mausoleum and those of Kerbela. The day he rendered the enemy incapable of torturing him and ascended to heaven, and his celestial body will fly over the shoulders of a whole nation like a red star.

The ceremonies of martyr Hoadjadjie testify to the entire caravan of the martyrs. On the side of the high oaks of the martyrs of new trees stand in the domain of the Jihad, like a very clairvoyant mirror of the martyr's vanguard in the sacred defense. The audacity and wonder of this martyr are still in my eyes. He did not leave but came to wash an entire nation in love and tears.

We hope to be able to see them the day they return for the final judgment.