The Minister of Education meets the staff of the headquarters for New Year's occasion

According to the Ministry of Education's Information and Public Relations Department, this morning, Sayyed Mohammad Bathayi met with the deputies, directors, experts and staff on the occasion of the New Year's Eve.

In this visit, Sayyed Mohammad Bathayi said: "Regardless of the different categories of the organization, we are all members of one family, a family that is accuntable to success or failure of the education system, so our success is earned through the efforts of all members, and the benchmark of success is not based on the work of an individual, but all of us. We started a lot of work together and through the efforts of our colleagues we had many successes. We still have a lot to do for a better tomorrow."

Sayyed Mohammad Bathayi, by drawing up a strategic plan for the ministry, said: "In the year 97, schools should go towards a good strategy that students can solve their life problems after leaving school."

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