Minister of Education's message on the occasion of the Roshd International Film Festival

According to the Public Relations of the Forty-eighth International Film Festival of Roshd, Sayyid Mohammad Bathayi, Minister of Education, on the occasion of the forty-eighth international festival of Roshd said that stimulating natural values, valuing the truth and curiosity for more knowledge, the creation of diversity in the learning environment, the facilitation and deepening of the content and the tangibility of concepts from abstractions to observations and the successful experience of the transfer of moral values ​​and religious education in the educating films are at the top priority for educating a prominent generation. The educational film with meaningful layers requires engagement with thought, imagination and creativity, and has an amazing effect on the communication context.

At the end, he expressed his satisfaction at the great presence of cultural filmmakers and their contributions to the forty-eighth film festival.

The forty-eighth international festival of Roshd is held from November 16 and will run till November 23 at the Tehran's Palestine Movie House.

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