More than 3,000 films from 105 countries in R.I.F.F

The head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization announced the presence of 3155 works from 105 countries in the 51st Roshd International Film Festival. According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, the press conference of the 51st Roshd Film Festival was held in the presence of Dr. Hassan Maleki, President of the Organization and Mohammad Ibrahim Mohammadi, Secretary of the Festival, Mohammad Saleh Maznabi, Head of the Office of Publishing and Educational Technology. At the beginning of the meeting, Sedigheh Hassanzadeh, Head of International Relations of the Educational Research and Planning Organization of Roshd International Film Festival, said: "Roshd International Film Festival is one of the oldest festivals in the field of educational films for children and adolescents. Using the film's potential as a medium to complement the content of the curriculum is held for the audience of this section, as for children and adolescents. The 51st Roshd International Film Festival will be held under the slogan "Knowledge in the Mirror of Image". She added: "In fact, this festival provides the presence of various actors in the field of education, so we are witnessing the presence of parents, teachers, students, etc. And in this field, we hope that, this 51st one, can shine more than ever. The slogan "Knowledge in the mirror of the image"; The slogan of the fifty-first festival Dr. Hassan Maleki, the head of the organization, continued: "Roshd International Film Festival is a unique scientific, cultural, artistic and educational event in the country because we have several film festivals, both micro and macro in the country, but the Roshd International Festival is unique to this event." He added: "Today marks the 51st anniversary of the Roshd International Film Festival, and it is moving towards the wisdom of adulthood and old age." On this basis, this festival will be held this year with the slogan "Knowledge in the Mirror of Image". The head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization said about the goals of the festival: "creating a suitable environment for the growth of talents and artistic creations of professional and non-professional filmmakers, including teachers, student teachers and high school students, identifying, selecting and introducing scientific, educational and training films from Iran and all over the world, cultural and artistic exchange between different countries of the world and the Islamic Republic of Iran, promotion of scientific, educational and training films in terms of quantity and quality in the country, encouraging prominent artists of Iran and other countries to produce scientific and educational films, awareness on the scientific, educational and educational developments and innovations of the countries of the world, the development of culture by using educational videos in the curriculum process to realize learning packages instead of textbooks; Production and supply of electronic multimedia content and fast response code tailored to the needs of students and teachers and uploading qualified and standard works in the National School Network of Iran; are among the goals of this festival." Dr. Maleki said about the groups participating in the festival: "Professional, semi-professional and non-professional filmmakers are present in this festival, and the works received at the festival were divided into sections of short story, long story, short documentary, long documentary and animation." Presence of 105 countries and more than 3,000 works in the Roshd International Film Festival Regarding the works received by the secretariat, he said: "In this festival, 1980 works were received in the foreign section and 1175 domestic works were received, which include a total of 3155 films. 105 countries participated in this event; 6 countries, India, USA, Italy, Turkey, Russia and Spain, registered the most participation in this festival. The lowest number of works received was recorded from Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Benin and Albania. Also in the Islamic countries section, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Lebanon and Afghanistan had the most participation in this festival." The head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization continued: "14 Arab countries also participated in this festival, with the most works from Egypt and the least works from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen, and it includes 118 films. Out of 15 countries bordering Iran, 280 films have reached the secretariat. We have received about 134 educational videos from 16 African countries. 530 foreign students also participated in the festival and submitted works. In total, all the works of this festival have been judged by 6 groups of three expert professors on film and cinema, in different sections." Dr. Maleki added: "Enriching the educational and training contents provided to schools across the country is one of our main goals in holding the Roshd Film Festival. Given that this year, the Quick Answer Codes section was implemented in textbooks, our effort is to use the works of this festival to improve and enrich this section, but it is obvious that to achieve this goal, we need a review on the received works. Using these works to enrich the curriculum and textbook contents is on our agenda, because we believe that in order to reach this part and approach the basic problems of students, one of the tools is to use appropriate educational videos, however strengthening the artistic and aesthetic dimension of textbooks are also in our mind." He continued: "Educational Research and Planning Organization is currently planning and compiling training and learning packages based on the Fundamental Transformation Documents of Education." Of course, the work started two years ago, so today the curriculum guides are the basis for a more objective task called the production of training and learning packages. By this, we mean a set of coherent, purposeful media that are appropriate to the psychological dimensions of each course, and each educational level. Textbooks are among these media, but the work is not limited to books, however films are also as one of the media present next to textbooks." In the second part of the meeting, the poster of the 51st Roshd International Film Festival, designed by Amir Khoshdoni Farahani, was unveiled in the presence of the head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, the head of the Technology and Publishing Office and the Festival Secretary. Mohammad Ibrahim Mohammadi, the secretary of the 51st Roshd Film Festival, also said in the continuation of the ceremony: "Roshd Film Festival was held more purposefully this year than before, as the work is not limited to educational films, because the textbook topics are also in the call, and domestic and foreign artists submitted their works on this basis." He added: "During this period, we published the festival call based on the need, purposefulness, appropriateness and discussion of future use. In addition, in monitoring the works of the past few years of the festival, nearly 900 films were selected and used for cryptography, but we will certainly see more works in this period." The secretary of the 51st Roshd International Film Festival continued: "We have tried to consider cultural and artistic diplomacy among the 105 participating countries. In this regard, after announcing our readiness to hold cultural weeks, we were able to achieve a trans-regional discourse in the context of the festival. In this regard, we also used the capacities of institutions and organizations, and here we take the opportunity to thank the educational industries, the environment, the Red Crescent and the film organization, which helped us in this direction." Holding training workshops for filmmaking teachers Mohammadi said about the presence of artist teachers in the festival: "In the context of this festival, educational workshops for artist teachers was started. During this period, we will also have a special screening for journalists and their families in Palestinian cinema, and God willing, as Corona cases are declining, we will be able to serve the student community and provide them with the findings of this festival." In the final part of the meeting, the head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, in response to a question about the use of works by teachers and student artists outside the festival, said: "In the field of education, selected films were shown in the provinces through the office of Deputy Minister of Education, as students and their families watched the works with enthusiasm." He added: "Obviously, with the Corona outbreak, the possibility of screening films and issues as such are not normally possible. Of course, we hope that after declining of this pandemic and in the post-Corona era, we have good plans for students, parents and teachers. Our effort is to create better facilities so that people can benefit from the works of this period and all the works in previous periods." The head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization called the proposal to review the works of this festival positive and said: "The proposal to review and have critics on the works of this festival is very good and this will definitely be done." Explaining this question further, Ruhollah Malmir, Head of the Permanent Secretariat of the Roshd Film Festival, said: "In this festival, one of the important points is to get written permission from the director and producer to show the work in schools, movie houses and other sections, and surely with the opposition of the creator of any work, we will not be able to screen the work. Another point is that in the past, these works were screened and reviewed with programs in the provincial section by schools and film distribution centers, but this became limited during the Corona era. In addition, in Roshd Magazines, a section has been dedicated to introducing the films of this festival. According to the statistics, we have received over 310 student works in this period, which is a good news in its kind." Emphasis on the educational aspect of the works in the 51st Roshd Film Festival The head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, in response to a question about the difference between this festival and the past, said: "The obvious difference between this festival and the past festivals is in the type of judging, and the theoretical accuracy that has been done to choose the selected films. During this period, it was tried that the criteria based on which the judges choose the selected films should be such that while considering scientific and educational issues, it should also take cultural and value issues into account, in addition the effort was made so the works do not conflict with our native issues, which this received more attention." He added: "In this direction, while taking advantage of international experiences, we tried to have the necessary care and sensitivities with an open and logical vision, so the works of this course are more educational, because both the judges and the organizers are more experienced than before and put more emphasis on the educational dimension, which will be the main difference between this festival and previous ones." Mohammad Ibrahim Mohammadi, the secretary of the 51st Roshd International Film Festival, in response to a question about creating marketing in this festival, said: "If the artists present in the festival, would like to show their works in different levels of educational books, magazines, etc. of course this potential will be used, but for the sake of marketing issues, we need to enter another phase of negotiations so that we can gain access to the exchange. In this regard, over 80 feature films have been made, which can be used for exchange." Holding the festival online in order to comply with health protocols The head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization said about the reasons for holding the festival online: "Observing the rules related to Corona issues is one of the reasons for this, because we have to abide b the rules of the National Corona Headquarters in education. Given that we are trustworthy in in taking care of the education of children, we are more cautious in dealing with their health, so we are obliged to follow the protocols of the National Corona Headquarters, of which the Minister of Education is also a member." He emphasized: "Obviously, we are also interested in holding the festival in person and with great glory, but unfortunately, the issues of Corona prevents us from doing so, then we must be also trustworthy to the lives and health of the children of this region." The secretary of the 51st Roshd Film Festival, in response to a question from a reporter of Omid News Network, about the details of the closing ceremony of the festival, said: "The closing ceremony of this festival will be held on December 17 in Palestine Movie house." In response to a question about addressing entrepreneurship issues and motivating students at the festival, the head of the organization said: "Entrepreneurship characteristics have been among the criteria for judging works at the festival, so films were selected that have a learning, educational, and a capacity dimension. Being highly motivated creativity and initiative, which are tools of entrepreneurial skills, were also present in these indicators for selecting the works." Regarding the incentive aspect of the festival, he said: "Uploading works in the National Network of Roshd Schools System is one of the incentive measures of this section, so the works that are approved by the educational system will be uploaded so that families, students and teachers can benefit from it. In fact, uploading each work will be the seal of approval of the organization and a credit to the creator of the work." According to this report, the 51st Roshd Film Festival will be held in Palestine Movie House from December 11 to 17. End of message

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