More than 82 percent of women in Iran are literate: the head of Literacy Movement Organization

The deputy of the Minster of Education and the head of Literacy Movement Organization said: 35.5 percent of Iranian women were literate in 1978 and 1979. At the current situation, this number has risen to more than 82.2 percent.

Shapour Mohammad Zadeh in the meeting of the Education Council of Fars province said: scientific and economic achievements of Islamic Revolution are numerous during the recent four decades. “Before the Islamic Revolution, the number of society’s literates was 47.5 percent. This number has risen to 87.6 percent after the revolution” he added.

Elsewhere Mohammad Zadeh also said: before the Revolution, 30 percent of Iran’s rural society was literate. At the current situation. This number has increased to 78.5 percent.  

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