Most Important Goals of BOOM project: Trusting School Principals

The secretary of the Special School Program known as BOOM Project said that the implementation of this plan would reduce the focus on the country's education planning system.

Explaining about the BOOM project Dr. Azim Mohebbi said: “Based on this project, schools are allowed to design and implement appropriate programs for students based on their own needs for up to 60 hours of school official time. It means that the design and implementation of these 60-hour programs is entrusted to schools.”

“This plan is designed, compiled and implemented by the Organization for Educational Research and Planning and its goal is to reduce the focus on curriculum planning by this organization.”

“To implement the BOOM project, schools can allocate these 60 hours to 6 different areas, including religion, moral, scientific, social, political, aesthetic and artistic, biological and physical education, economics and vocational education;” he added. “Each school can choose a combination of these areas based on its needs.”

He said that the main approach of this project is to improve the skills of students and added: "We are trying to fill the gaps that exist in the educational system.”

The secretary of the Special School Program noted that people are sent to schools to evaluate the situations, they are asked to describe what they see and then analyze it.

He stressed that the most important goals of the "BOOM" project to consider local and indigenous needs and added: "Individual needs are very important for us because each student has his own talents and needs. We have confidence in school principals and staff, and that is why we have let them be free to plan for their own students.”

"Our motto in the BOOM project is schools belong to the neighborhood and neighborhood belongs to schools; which means students can receive practical training by attending various places in their neighborhood, such as the library, florist shop, bakery, etc. and experience real life situation and learn from it.”

Mohebbi added: "This is the third year of implement BOOM Project, and we are producing content and evaluation, all of which, of course, will take into account the Corona situation. At the same time, we are trying to implement this plan in other educational levels as well.”

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