The Myanmar disaster is a new test of Islamic governments and Muslim nations

The solidarity of those who pray in the Noor mosque with the Muslim people of Myanmar expresses its outrage at the international organization of HRW and the silence of the UN Secretary-General.

The disintegration of Islamic countries is the source of such incidents and disasters, because over the last century, due to the neglect of Muslims and the dependence of states on foreigners, Islam and Muslims have been involved in the murder and the dispersal of national resources, the loss of their lands and the salaries of the officials of colonialism. The catastrophe of the occupation of Palestine is an old wound that did not heal in the body of the Muslims, but instead of being united to liberate the Quds the first qiblah of the Muslims, Muslim governments and the nations have accumulated arsenals of war to exploit Muslims in Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Libya.