New technologies and the correct use are a necessity in education

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Ministry of Education, the message text of Seyyed Mohammad Batthai for September 8th, 2017, the World Literacy Day is the following:

Blessing to the spirit of Imam and the great martyrs of Islamic Iran and cordial greetings to colleagues, literacy is rooted in our religious and national beliefs and is the basis of excellence and evolution of Islam and it is a radiance of God's grace to those who are deprived of a great blessing which is education.

To determine this great day in the calendar of the world community and its commemoration is an example of the world's will in the intelligent struggle with the most important case of ignorance, illiteracy and the denomination of this day this year as " digital literacy in education" demonstrates the need for the correct use of information and communication technologies in elementary education and further testifies to the growing impact of modern technologies in the learning style and diversity of learning environments.

Thank God, today we commemorate this day with the achievements of literacy in our country according to the order of the Supreme Leader, the document of fundamental transformation of education, the laws of the government and the council of literacy in the reduction of absolute illiteracy by increasing flexibility and facilitating access of illiterates to educational services, setting up local learning centers, diversifying the content of education and refinement of procedures and trends in education.

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