OEPR Plans for Education in Corona Outbreak

The head of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning announced the development of a curriculum guide in the Corona outbreak situation. 


Dr. Hassan Maleki told that the organization has developed a ‘mixed strategy’ which aims to prevent and decrease the shortcomings of the educational system in the COVID-19 outbreak.

 “This stagey also aims to fulfill the essential mission of paving the way to achieve Educational Justice. The ‘mixed strategy’ is designed for the new educational year and is also called a ‘combination of online and face-to-face education’ or ‘flexible education’.”

The head of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning added:” The guidelines are prepared according to the elements and components of the curriculum, including content, teaching methods, evaluation of students’ progress, complementary media, and the audiences (including students, teachers, principals and families).”

Dr. Maleki further noted five elements that describes the necessary rules and said: “The first element is content, the educational model of organizing the content of each textbook in each course is determined according to the conditions in three face-to-face, online and self-studding situation.

 “Content are presented both face-to-face and online in the yellow situation of Corona outbreak. However, in red situation which means the danger is high, the education would be totally online. Part of the textbook is taught online and some parts are presents as self-studding for the students.”

Referring to the component of teaching method, he said: "The central role of the teacher is to facilitate student learning. Methods could be employed such as brainstorming, project-based approach, group activities (virtual student groups under the guidance and supervision of teachers and parents) and reverse education in which the teaching and practicing are reversed.


Online and offline Evaluation of students’ progress

"It is important to provide the ground for self-assessment by students;” the head of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning said. “Evaluation of students’ progress in both yellow and red situations of Corona outbreak, according to the loading of textbooks are online or offline in January, June and September.”

He emphasized that it is obvious that the final evaluation will be done selectively from the self-reading section. “The final evaluation method of the ninth and twelfth grades is also done differently from other grades and according to the instructions.”


Using media approved by the organization

Dr. Maleki stressed that media approved by the Organization for Educational Research and Planning are used by the teachers including Roshd Network, Shad network, national and provincial TV channels; only content produced or approved by the organization are allowed.

"Our main audience are students and the teaching-learning process is full of decision-making moments, therefore the students must play active, voluntary, and conscious roles.


The active presence of the teacher in online education

Referring to the essential role of the teacher, the head of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning said: "In online education, the active presence of the teacher is very important. Teacher should determine when students and their parents can have access to them so a constructive interaction is build.”

 “The school principal, while adhering to the observance of health protocols and instructions, should adopt precise measures and planning for holding classes and face-to-face trainings. The principal should gain the trust and confidence of the students’ families, explaining in detail the educational programs in the briefings for teachers, students and their parents, to determine and announce the time and kind of communication of students and their families with teachers and parents of the school in a timely and appropriate manner.”


Parents play a key role in distance learning

Dr. Maleki continued: “The main players in distance learning are parents. Students will benefit from existing learning platforms, such as content posted on the Roshd Network, managed by parents.

He added: "Parents play a role in facilitating the learning by receiving advice and Education ministry guidelines for distance learning and creating a safe and calm environment for the student during the online classes.”

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