OERP’s Slogan for National Research Week: Research and Technology, Surge in Production, and Monotheistic Innatism Curriculum

​Slogans, programs and the most pivotal duties of the executive committees at Organization for Educational Research and Planning were defined by its Board of Directors.

According to Public Relations and International Affairs Office at the organization, after reviewing multiple agendas by the board, the proposed programs for the Iranian National Research Week was presented by Deputy for Curriculum Planning and Production of Training and Learning Packages, Dr. Ali Mohebbi.

Finally, “Research and Technology, Surge in Production, and Monotheistic Innatism Curriculum” was approved as an appropriate slogan.

In order to appreciate a research-based discourse and professional policy-making in the organization, Dr. Mohebbi, also Secretary of Research Week, announced the objectives of the latter as follow:

-Highlighting the organization's transformational plans and purposes

-Discourse-making in the participation sphere for developping curriculum as well as producing training and learning packages

-Celebrating outstanding researchers along with scientific and research accomplishments of OERP

-Problem-hunting and defining scientific and research priorities with the partaking of the curriculum beneficiaries   

Stressing the participation of the organization’s whole units, Dr. Mohebbi declared the most important programs for Research Week as holding scientific meetings and a ceremony aimed at appreciating research achievements, unveiling books and crucial achievements of the organization, as well as its research priorities and electronic-content production model.

Also, Dr. Hassan Maleki, Head of OERP, announced, “Due to the organizational research significance and the necessity of celebrating our colleagues' research activities, a part has been added to our programs this year.”

Stressing an executive committee formation to commemorate Research Week at the organization, he held that issuing certain instructions will be effective to celebrate this event in the best way.

He posited the instructions as defining the deputies and offices duties, setting detailed plans, forming judging committees, allocating a budget defined by relevant committees, and virtually holding the ceremony.

The Iranian National Research Week will be on December, 15-19.


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