OERP Is Responsible for Preschool Content

Referring to the Supreme Leader's statement regarding the content of preschools and kindergartens, the Head of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning said: "The responsibility for producing content for this preschools lies with the OERP.”

Referring to the preparation and compilation of a curriculum guide for the COVID-19 outbreak, Dr. Hassan Maleki said: “Many efforts have been made to prepare and compile these guides, and its output is presented in several volumes, which will be unveiled today. It will be evaluated in future to determine how well they have met the needs.”


No one should return empty-handed from Roshd network

"With the efforts of the office for Educational Technology and Publications, the National Roshd Network has been launched with dignity and has the ability to produce a large part of digital content’” Dr. Maleki noted. “no one should return empty-handed from Roshd network; we invited parents to this network so that the students' families would not return empty-handed.

 “School textbooks will last for several years. We are planning to have our textbook in next February along with complementary packages in 11 areas of learning and education. For October 2021, we may be able to produce 20% of training and learning packages. This means that 80% of our current content is still used.


OERP Is Responsible for Preschool Content

 “We must find a solution for the preschool period in the country as the situation is not satisfactory. According to the law, we have to write the preschool curriculum;” Dr. Maleki noted.

Referring to upcoming national week of honoring research and technology he said that the organization welcomes any idea to celebrate the occasion.


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