Online Training of 60,000 School Principals for "BOOM" Project

The head of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning announced that more than 60,000 school principals across the country will receive online education in order to better implement the Special School Program known as BOOM.

 “60,000 school principals are to be trained online in their schools to implement Special School Program known as BOOM. In addition, 8 schools from each province that have performed best in the last two years will be introduced.”

He pointed out that all provinces are ordered to evaluate their schools and added: “We have provided them the criteria to evaluate schools. We also intend to share the successful stories of implementing BOOM so that other schools can learn from it.”


Online training for managers in three weeks

Saying that online training of school principals sill start in three weeks, Dr. Maleki noted: “New educational content has been prepared and the necessary arrangements are being made to record it. We hope that these trainings will start in October.”

He added: “Evaluation instructions have been announced, however, need to evaluate the program, and we believe that parents and school teachers who deal directly with students can make the necessary recommendations.


Schools independence in BOOM programs

Referring to the independence of schools in BOOM programs, the head of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning said: "We do not provide any specific subject to any schools, but rather we provide them general instructions.

“We have left the content and implementation of programs to schools so they assess their news and design and implement the required programs. We should not forget that every school has special needs; even the needs of girls 'and boys' schools are different at the same level, are very different.”

Referring to the situation of students in the Corona Pandemic, he added: "The BOOM project could be employed to describe and analyze students’ daily lives, as it is a very important for families and the school staff that students use their time at home in the best possible way.”

Creating opportunities to increase student resilience

"It is difficult for even adults to tolerate these Corona conditions,” Maleki noted; “let alone for children and adolescents. Therefore, one of our most important tasks should be to create conditions to increase student resilience at this time.”


The "BOOM" project has been implemented since 1397 in two intermediate levels of first and second elementary school with the aim of reducing the concentration of education in educational planning, according to which each school can dedicate 60 hours from its official time to educational activities based on its needs.

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