Over 500 Papers Submitted to Quran, Humanities Int’l Congress

Hojat-ol-Islam Seyed Issa Mostarhami told IQNA that scholars from Iran and several other countries, including Indonesia, Canada, and Britain as well as students of Al-Mustafa International University branches in countries such as Ghana, Afghanistan and Pakistan have sent their papers to the conference.

He added that given the warm reception of the scholarly event by Iranian and foreign scholars, the deadline for submitting abstracts has been extended to February 18.

The date of the international congress, previously planned for May, has also been postponed to October, he went on to say.

The Higher Education Center of Al-Mustafa International University, based in Qom, is organizing the conference.

The Quran and objectives of humanities, methodology of interdisciplinary studies about Quran and sciences, Quran’s scientific theorizations in the field of humanities, Quran’s role in development of humanities in the Islamic civilization, and relation between the Quran and humanities from contemporary scholars’ perspective are some of the topics to be discussed at the conference.