Paying attention to the culture of sacrifice of martyrs

According to the Ministry of Education's Information and Public Relations Department, Seyed Mohammad Bathayi at the headquarters of the International Heavenly Mothers Project said: “I am very happy to be here in such a blessed day, with you young people who spontaneously created a very heavenly work with a very beautiful name ‘Mothers of Heaven’, as I attend this gathering, I take a lot of energy from your great move. Today's society is very different from the society over the past several years, and the high pressures that today pose a threat to our country, especially in terms of cultural and social dimensions, require us to do more than ever before. Today, more than ever, we need a culture of sacrifice and martyrdom.”

Referring to the spiritual effects of the martyrs, he said: “In 8 years of holy defense, we had so many martyrs, but the spiritual effects and blessings of these martyrs will be more upon us every day that passes. In other words, we need more than ever the culture of sacrifice that our martyrs have shown to us in practice during the holy defense. The doctrines and cultural elements of our society are at great risk. Without exaggeration, no other things as much as paying attention to the culture of sacrifice of the martyrs can save us.”

He also said that he most important prayer for you young people who honestly and sincerely started this very beautiful journey, is to ask God’s blessings for all of you, thanks to our martyrs; and may Allah blesses the martyrs and the mourning mothers of the martyrs, these heavenly angels, our young people, and all the young Muslims around the world.

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