The principles governing Islamic Republic are invariant and no administration can ignore them

Dr. Mohyeddin Bahram Mohammadian talked about contents of textbooks and teachers’ interest on how to present them to students in an interview with Young Journalist’s’ Club and said: Educational system is always obeying Supreme Leader and almost all teachers are committed to his instructions, reports Public Relation of Organization for Educational Research and Programming.

He continued: Teachers observe educational plans and amend its flaws; as a matter of fact our teachers are so capable that no such defects can escape them.

Explaining that there is difference between official and unofficial textbooks, Head of OERP said: Unofficial book is what an author writes out of his own passion or talent. There is also difference between supplementary books and official textbooks.

Mohammadian insisted: whether books are coming from government or non-government organizations, they should be examined and obtain necessary permits to enter educational circulation and since education is the future of our country, then it is of crucial importance to process them with ultimate care, so our future would not be entangled with political interests.