Promoting Culture of Self-sacrifice through Textbooks and by Implementing Programs

According to the OERP Public and International Relations quoting Fars News the ceremony of celebrating Martyrs' Day and unveiling ID card of martyrs of education was held at the central building of the Ministry of Education in the presence of Minister Dr Aliasghar Fani, a group of officials of the Ministry of Education and families of martyrs of education.

In his opening address, the Minister of Education congratulated the Martyrs Day and said, "Martyrs are true reflections of God blessing." Also, quoting the late Imam Khomeini (RA) as saying "serving martyrs' families compares serving the Holy Prophet (PBUH)" and the Supreme Leader as saying "every martyr is a sign of the nation's independence and honor" he added, "these words show the importance of every martyr's position for advancement of the sacred system of Islamic Republic."

He continued, "every martyr of the 220 thousand martyrs of the country is a sign of our independence, self-esteem, honor and dignity. Martyrs should be respected and their memories must be cherished to preserve and extend the lofty values of the Islamic system." He added, "by promoting this culture through textbooks, we can continue their way."

He remembered Rajaee, Bahonar, Beheshti, Mofatteh, Hemmat and 5 thousand martyrs of education and 36 thousand student martyrs. He thanked his colleagues throughout the country for advancement of culture of martyrdom in classrooms and in extra-curricular programs.

At the end of the ceremony, the ID card of teacher martyr Mohammad Ebrahim Hemmat, an outstanding commander of the Sacred Defense was unveiled in the presence of the Minister, the martyr's son and a number of families of martyrs and veterans of education

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