Promotion of wisdom based on creativity and thought is one of the major goals of the national curriculum

According to the Borna news agency in Hormozgan, Dr. Mohammadian, along with Mr. Danesh Hasipour, general manager of Hormozgan Provincial Education, while attending some classrooms had conversation with students and added that when the minds of students are engaged with a problem they become eager to find an answer to it. Finding out the causes of the surrounding problems can help to discover the world of unknowns. Therefore, the instructor educates the students in a creative and thoughtful way, relying on new ways of learning. He also said that encouragement of students should be done in a timely manner to enhance students’ motivation, and the teacher must lead the students with the simplest tests of the mind to explain the causes, and learn the methods of analysis and research in order to answer the questions. To achieve this goal, teachers need to be familiar with new educational methods and distance themselves from the traditional lesson plans.

It is worth noting that in the first National Conference on Educational Approaches in Education in the said province, 365 articles accepted and were honored out of 486 articles presented to the secretariat of the conference.