The purpose of Roshd magazine is to institutionalize reading culture

 According to the report of the public relations and international affairs of the organization of research and planning of education, at the seventeenth meeting of the vice presidents of primary education and representatives of provincial Roshd magazines in Mashhad chosen recently as the cultural capital of the Islamic world, Mohammad Naseri, the chief of the office of publications and educational technology and the head editor of the Roshd magazine said that the conference is set up to promote reading and thinking and coordination between producers and representatives of Roshd magazine in the province and the purpose of the magazine Roshd is rather to develop and institutionalization a culture of reading among students, teachers and parents and we must seize this opportunity and hope to make conference like this in other provinces.

He presented an overview of the conference and expressed hope at the end that such actions lead to greater use of magazines and improve the culture of reading and writing

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