The realization of the goals of the Transformation Document is in the coordination of all sectors of education

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Organization for Research and Educational Planning, Dr. Heydar Turani, referring to the six educational areas contained in the Transformation Document, stated: "According to the document these six areas are: 1. Religious and moral education 2. Political and social education  3. Biological and physical education 4. Artistic and aesthetic education 5. Professional and economic education 6. Scientific and technological education. To achieve these goals,  management and guidance, curriculum, teacher training and human resources, supply And the allocation of funds, space and equipment, and technology and research and evaluation, should be taken into account by all sectors.

School administrators should also use their capacities and capabilities to formulate codified programs for the implementation of the education document for future generations, and provide teachers with the necessary training to provide a happy and joyful environment for students to continue their studies."