Rebuilding of the Koranic Patterns in Curriculum

The Transformation Document has aimed at the developmental-descriptive evaluation and qualitative-axis evaluation, while in relation to the flow of educational books, we face a kind of doping evaluation; so in this regard, we need to develop a comprehensive evaluation system extensively. Sometimes about the easy teaching of the holy Qur'an, hundreds of books are written, while in the context of understanding the holy Qur'an, even two books are not written and these deficiencies must be resolved. We need to activate and strengthen hundreds of scholarly schools of teachers across the country, so that search-seeking teachers provide, compile or identify the right and appropriate books for the students. It is also important to support these works and provide good financial and emotional support for teachers in this field.


Our teachers are just educators and are not primarily educational planners and scholars. The volume of production and printing of non-standard educational books is very high, while these works only serve to simplify the concepts of textbooks and, unfortunately, these books can destroy the minds of our students and make their minds lazy. In the new phase of the activities of publishers and producers of educational books as well as the authors and publishers, we should encourage them towards the production of scientific and knowledge developer books.

Currently, textbooks are developed with a problem-solving approach and judgmental view, so that students also look critically at the text and deal with it by problem-solving approach; while the educational help books do not allow the student to make the process of experience practical and observable, It will also slow down the process of solving the problem and compiling the given projects. The new program should be implemented with the aim of providing easy access to standardized educational books for teachers and students, especially in relation to the works of publishers who do not have national distribution and there is a lack of access to their works by the students and individuals.

Dr. Mohammadian, the Deputy Minister and Head of the Organization for Research and Educational Planning