The red line of education is the maintenance of the health and safety of students

Education Minister Sayyid Mohammad Bathayi said at a meeting on administrative offenses regarding the incidence of fire at a school in Zahedan: "Maintaining the health, well-being and security of students are the most important red lines of education system", according to a report from the Education Fars News Agency.

He added: "We should not forget that the responsibility of the Education Office is to oversee all of its subsidiaries, and we must pay attention to this incident and the issue seriously, because the main task of the education system is to protect the spirit, mind and body of the students. We should not allow such incidents to happen, but we must deal with them very quickly, without any considerations and in accordance with the law, and we should not do anything under our sentiments,".

He stressed: "I recognize and accept all the current problems, but these problems should not be such that we do nothing, because our most important task in any situation is to take care of the children of our nation.

Minister of Education said: "I call on all of my colleagues to pursue this very important issue with all their efforts, and we must know that failures can cause a horrible event."

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