Restructuring of the Education Curriculum should be Considered:Zouelm

Ali Zouelm the head of Organization for Educational Research and Planning, in the sideline of the conference for“Islamic Science Theory and its Applying in the Education System" has said: this conference can be a beginning point for Islamic science theory. “This conference is supposed to answer this fundamental question that what is the Islamic science theory which can lead to a fundamental change in the pedagogy arena?
Zouelm believes Iran should reach a new curriculum in next 2 years. The new curriculum can pave the way for reaching to a modern and desirable society. Zouelm added: at the current situation, many required propositions in pupils' Curriculum are ignored which this issue is a big challenge. Elsewhere Zouelm said: The society’s preferences should be reflected in pupils’ curriculum. This issue especially in the second step of the evolution and in the education system is of high importance. In this regard, we need a fundamental restructuring of the current education curriculum in a way that the new version does not assume current cliches as Completely correct and unchangeable.

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