Salt Cave in Qeshm Island

Namakdan salt dome is among natural attractions of Qeshm Island, south of Iran, which attracts a lot of tourists every year.

Namakdan salt dome is the only salt dome in Qeshm Island which extends from southern promontory of Salakh anticline up to the northwestern promontory of Basaeedou anticline.

With a height of 237 meters and length of over 6,000 meters, this natural attraction is considered as the largest salt cave worldwide.

Given its interior salt stalactites and crystals, and saltwater flow outside, Namakdan Cave displays eye-catching scenery as every part of this natural attraction offers a unique view. The cave, 90 km off Qeshm Island, has several major and minor passages, first of which is located 670 meters from the entrance. The underground water, which erupts in the cave, flows on mountain slopes in the form of a salt spring.

Inside the caves are completely dark and you have to bright flashlight in order to visit crystalline salts. The ceiling has been covered by marble and crystal in different forms and they have created a novel perspective. Salt water flowing on the floor of the cave is also a pleasant view.

Ordinary people only can travel 100 meters into the cave due to lack of technical equipment's.