Scholars from 54 Countries Attending Mahdism Doctrine Conference

Addressing the opening ceremony of the conference, Hojat-ol-Islam Seyed Masoud Pourseyed Aghayee added that 100 papers were submitted to the secretariat of the scholarly event, of which 34 will be presented at different committees of the conference.
The two-day international event kicked off in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Sunday.
Hojat-ol-Islam Pourseyed Aghayee highlighted the importance of the teachings of Mahdism, saying that after Tawhid (monotheism) and Nubuwwa (prophethood), there is no greater teaching than Mahdism.
He stressed that the Islamic Republic has been established upon the Mahdism teachings and thought and that is why it has managed to withstand all problems.
He added that the world needs Mahdism teachings today more than ever.
Hojat-ol-Islam Pourseyed Aghayee further noted that the international conference is held annually and a special theme is selected for the event very year.
“Last year, it was held on the theme of ground-setting ethics and lifestyle and this year the main theme is ground-setting culture and civilization.”

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