Science is deviated without religion

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of education in Tehran, Ali Akbar Salehi, the vice president and the head of the organization of atomic energy of Iran said: Science and religion are the culmination of humanity. Science without religion and religion without science lead to ignorance. Looking at the face of the man of science is like a pilgrimage. The best meeting is the gathering of companions who are men of science and thought. If you know what place you hold you will thank god anytime.

Among the billions of the earth's population only a few thousand people have been able to receive the Nobel Prize and change the life of man and open a new way for him.

If you are looking for material and the world, you have to find another way, but if your study goal is to learn science, you have achieved the goal.

Science and religion are the two wings of human beings, the culmination of human beings, and know that science without religion is a catastrophe, like the bombing of Japan by the United States, which destroyed two hundred thousand people in one instant. Unconscious religion also leads man to ignorance.

"Thank God, you live in a time when the world is changing rapidly and your access to science and information is not comparable, it is a blessing, you live in the Islamic revolution and it is a divine favor you can strengthen your religion and your knowledge at once.

Referring to the question of how a community develops science? he says it depends on the management of the community. In the past, Iranian society was governed by a class, one could only study in the upper class, so that talent would not be developed. After the emergence of Islam social justice was established and, with the demise of the class, the community grew and empowerment and community capacity emerged.

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