Seminar to Discuss Role of Iran and India in Development of Theology

According to the Iranian Cultural Center in New Delhi, the Islamic Studies Department of the university will organize the seminar on September 6 and 7 in cooperation with the center.

Seven lecturers and professors from Tehran University’s Faculty of Theology will be among the academic figures who will present their papers in the program.

"Legitimacy of wisdom and its function”, "meaning and status of wisdom in Hadiths of Imam Ja’far Sadeq (AS)”, and "role of elites in establishment of fair peace” are the title of the papers to be respectively presented at the seminar by Majid Ma’aref, Qorban Elmi, and Tuba Kermani.

Mujtaba Zarvani and Abdulhadi Feqhizadeh are two other scholars who will respectively present papers on "social bases for new spirituality” and "theoretical principles of religious tolerance in the Quran to counter extremism”.