Short fiction films selected for the competition section of the 51st Roshd International Film Festival have been announced

34 Iranian and foreign short fiction films will compete for the top ranks of the 51st Roshd International Film Festival.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, with the opinion of the jury of this section, 18 films by Iranian filmmakers and 16 films by filmmakers from different countries have been selected to compete with each other. Among foreign countries, the most works were from India with 5 works and 11 films from 11 other countries.

According to the Permanent Secretariat of the Roshd International Film Festival, the names of the films are as follows:

1‌. Hands / Amin Sahraei / Iran

2. Winner / Ali Keyvan / Iran

3. Yara (wound) / Seyed Hamid Kermani / Iran

4. Insider Fire / Behnam Alizadeh / Iran

5. The Dragon is Needed / Saman Ghanaemi / Iran

6. Always a Aeacher / Davood Mirzabeigi / Iran

7. Teacher / Mohammad Mehdi Fekrian / Iran

8. Second Floor Operation / Mohammad Hossein Tafreshi / Iran

9. Yellow Line / Seyed Abbas Tabatabai / Iran

10. Fingerprint / Fatemeh Mahmoudi / Iran

11. Dualpa / Mohammad Reza Moradi / Iran

12. Vadiar / Marjan Khosravi / Iran

13. Truck / Fatemeh Fereydoun / Iran

14. Lens / Amir Hossein Tibet / Iran

15. Mah,kan / Hesam Hosseini, Abbas Hosseinzadeh / Iran

16. Trigger / Mehdi Flamarzi / Iran

17. For the Second Time / Leila Akhbari / Iran

18. Wild Duck / Ghazal Hosseini / Iran

19. Captain Bubble / Sandra Moreno / France

20. Bottle / Rajish / India

21. Kite Patang / Sumer Comor Elkar / India

22. I Am Passionate / Ashish Kumar Nayak / India

23. Smoke of Fug / Amit Raj / India

24. Badr / Jitin Muhammad / India

25. Water / Maxim Akbarov / Kazakhstan

26. The Absurd Man / Burak Kom / Turkey

27. The World and Me / Al-Durkudrtilife / Uzbekistan

28. I'm Not a Coward / Paul Pantin / Russia

29. Gift / Domitro Grossi / Romania

30. Imagine a World Without Children / Morteza Avani / Canada

31. Sorry Dad / Samah Saadi, Younes Lead / Belgium

32. Help Me / Nazar Moodri / Ukraine

33. Water I Should Not Drink / Pedro Caldira, Paolo Grasa / Portugal

34. Seed of Hope / Nando Mora / Italy

Introducing the judges of the short story section of the 51st Roshd International Film Festival

18 short fiction films from Iran and 16 other short fiction films from foreign countries are waiting for the votes of the jury to receive the Golden Statue, the Simin Statue and the honorary diploma of this period of the festival.

According to the Permanent Secretariat of the Roshd International Film Festival, Dr. Ahmad Al-Sati, Pouran Derakhshandeh and Mohammad Reza Vatandoost are the judges of the short story section of the Roshd Film Festival.

The closing ceremony of the 51st Roshd International Film Festival will be held on Friday evening, December 17th, from 6 to 9 pm at the Palestine Movie House Cultural Complex.

It is worth mentioning that the online screening of the films of the 51st Roshd Film Festival will be screened through the link on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, December 21-23, according to the schedule.

The 51st International Festival of Scientific and Educational Films of Roshd Film will be held nationally and internationally in the categories of feature story, short story, short documentary, feature documentary, and animation with the participation of more than 105 foreign countries and 3155 works. Of these, 1980 films were from foreign countries and 1175 films from inside Iran were in the international sections, teachers, students, teachers and students.

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