The story of Martyr Hojaji and Commander Soleimani’s bravery goes to textbooks

Hujat-al-Islam Mohammadian, in an interview said that strengthening Islamic-Iranian-revolutionary identity in the content of the textbooks is one of our goals, so the identity of the people of our country will be well introduced and modeled. He added that benefiting from the characters of the Iranian heroes and the Iranian figures in the textbooks is considered as a kind of innovation in the content and modeling in Iran, however the change in the content of books is carried out every 5 years.

He said that the biography of Martyr Mohsen Hojaji will be added to the 6th year high school textbooks, and also the subject of the bravery of Commander Soleimani as well. Mohammadian acknowledged that main discussions have been about the martyrs, figures and personalities; national myths such as Rostam and Sohrab and Arash;  Islamic models such as the Imams and Martyrs of Karbala; Iranian martyrs like Chamran, Tehrani Moghadam and others.