Students' education should be in line with the outside conditions of the school

According to the Ministry of Education's Information and Public Relations Department, Seyyed Mohammad Bathayi said that the programs that we follow in the our government are divided into two categories; the first section deals with the developments that need to take place in the context of educational programs and content, which, thankfully, the Fundamental Transformation Document, has paved its way for us which brings a valuable opportunity in our educational system. The features of the Iranian Islamic model of life are mentioned in the document which should educate students in ways that are in line with the conditions outside the school, which can bring joy and motivations to schools too.

He added that the second part of the programs is in the field of changing the way and management in education; the way we have managed till today can not continue in the future, and we have to apply new methods. Today 70% of our manpower has a bachelor's degree and higher and the average service is 23 years, so we have a huge potential to be used efficiently. We have rules that do not have much amount of flexibility, in other words, the degree of complexity and formalization of our organization is very high. He also pointed out that strengthening interaction and participation with the Academic Educational Associations, and professional associations of teachers and cultural and social institutions, especially the seminaries, are seriously considered.

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