Systematic thinking must form in students from elementary school

According to educational service of PANA, Fakhreddin Danesh Ashtiani, congratulated anniversary of Islamic Revolution in the session of “Council of Deputies and Head of Educational districts” and said: One of the subjects in my agenda is close encounter with my colleagues in all levels and taking advantage of theirs point of views and ideas.

Teachers should be free in their classes to act as they see best

Danesh Ashtiani said: Schools and teachers should have complete freedom in their activities, but general policies and goals must be outlined and described for them.

Referring to establishment of “Evaluation Group” he continued: Teachers evaluation must perform by themselves and in schools, a kind of self-evaluation and based on class activities, for the purpose of evaluation is not control, but recognition of problems and finding solutions in a sincere surrounding.

Danesh Ashtiani then said to Tehran’s educational districts managers: Considering the key role of schools, you should be careful to appoint capable persons, with complete knowledge over educational and pedagogical subjects as  schools principals.

He concluded his speech by announcing the establishment of “Teachers Living Improvement Group” .

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