Take the primary education seriously

Hojatoleslam Walmoslemine Mohyeddine Bahram Mohammadian said: One of our tasks underway is to convey the message of Ghadir in fascinating and beautiful forms and neglecting it can have irreversible consequences and damage.

Emphasizing the presence of provincial primary education representatives across the country at the conference he said that we have education unfortunately malfunctioned in education hitherto and in particular our thoughts and actions were incorrect. It is essential to take primary education very seriously because primary education builds the society and the civilizations. For this reason we have thought of the six-year period in terms of education fundamental development document as two three-year periods, and in the first three years of primary school the teacher must be like parents for the children.

To the question of the revival of Roshd of the border guards, he asked the inhabitants of border provinces for their opinions whether they agree to revive the partnership with the education and technology publication office. He also said that the launch of the teacher/authors club should not wait institutions and funds, because of we start with extant capabilities the work will soon be very good .

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