Tehran to host 4th ELT Conference

The main theme of the conference is Advances in ELT and Applied Linguistics.

The meeting will bring together the brightest and most prolific scholars of English language and literature in order to make as great a contribution as possible to the studies and research in the fields of English language teaching, as well as English linguistics and literature.

Two workshops will be held on the sidelines of the meeting as well.

The upcoming conference aims to focus on language teaching methodology, teacher education, teaching skills/sub-skills, second language research, literature and language teaching, inter-language pragmatics, cross-cultural issues in ELT, intercultural competence and ELT, discourse analysis and language teaching, language testing and assessment, ELT materials development and evaluation, syllabus design and curriculum development, teaching English to young learners, English as an international language, English as a lingua franca, CALL/MALL/CALT, ethics in ELT, ESP/EAP and future directions in ELT.

The previous ELT Conference, held at ATU, revolved around the theme of Novel Trends and Perspectives.