Toward a Conceptual Expansion of Islamic Curriculum


“Islamic Curriculum” is one of the newly-emerging concepts and areas in the curriculum studies. It focuses its attention on islamization of the curriculum based on the monotheistic worldview. However, no clear and defensible theoretical framework has been set forth on the nature of Islamic curriculum and its boundaries. This paper aims to present an initial idea and framework for the slamic curriculum and its boundaries. This paper aims to present an initial idea and framework for the Islamic curriculum and its boundaries. For this, the content of existing works on Islamic curriculum has been described, analyzed and criticized in the three stages. In the first stage, after identifying individual related works, the author's purpose of the Islamic curriculum and his/her intended dimension(s) for islamization of the knowledge dimensions of the curriculum have been analyzed. In the second stage, the nature of author's activity –theorizing or applying current Western theories- has been analyzed in the works. In the third stage, the works have been criticized as to their content and conceptualization. . Based on the current status, two main trends can be seen in this perspective: Enrichment Islamic curriculum with Islamic values, based on the theoretical framework of curricula design and development dominated in the West; and Islamic curriculum as a major philosophical-valued theory. Due to the insufficiency of these trends and their ignorance of different knowledge dimensions of the Islamic curriculum, this study proposes a third alternative trend and tries to call upon the specialists to consider the production of the Islamic curriculum knowledge by expanding theoretical discussions in all its related dimensions. Undoubtedly participation in the production of appropriate Islamic curriculum knowledge needs some so-called theorizing, as the only way of creating new knowledge.

Keywords: Islamization of Knowledge, Theory, Theorizing, Curriculum, Curriculum Studies, Islamic Curriculum.